Unfortunately, this worldwide “pandemic” caused our manufacturers to basically stop all production. We have received 100’s of messages from wonderful people who are looking to combat their hair loss and order a hair system when available again and we thank you for all of those messages and feel for you. With the stop in production, it has given us time to research other manufacturers and suppliers.

During our search, we discovered something extremely unsettling that we feel we need to share and allow you to research on your own. The main manufacturers we use have all been vetted to provide great working conditions for all of their employees, unlike many other companies out there, and they promise us that their hair is all “ethically sourced”. This is the issue, how and where is this hair sourced? With all of the crazy things happening in this world we have to ask this question and unfortunately due to the supply chain, there is really no way to get down to the source. There are many women, and men, that sell-off their hair to provide for their families but most of the time they are selling it for little to nothing. Also, there are MANY thieves that will literally cut the hair off of a woman and sell it to hair wholesalers which will then be distributed to different companies.

We do believe there are ways to ethically source hair but without seeing firsthand where all of this hair is coming from we can no longer ethically sell hair systems and we highly recommend you check the sources of hair before you purchase a hair system from anyone else. Don’t just take their word for it as most companies just turn a blind eye to the process. And, we are just going to come out and say it, we have not been able to find ANY company out there that can truly show us where the hair is coming from, therefore we do not recommend purchasing a hair system. We do know the struggle of losing hair and the emotional impact it can have, so no longer being able to provide a solution for this is very very saddening.

We are continuing to research other hair loss solutions and will be back with something in the future. If you would like to join our email list to know once we have a new solution please fill out the form below.

We thank you for all of the business and hope to be back soon!